What’s New

3rd March 2021 Odette

Behind the scenes

As part of preparing for the major update relating to cadence, we've made some backend improvements to our map overlays across the board.

We have also made a small change to our network and transit data loading. This is a minor technical change and the behaviour remains the same.

17th February 2021 Lorenzo

More detailed Land Use layers

We have added buildings and outlines to some of our Land Use layers.

We have also expanded the Retail layer's coverage, resulting in more being displayed within the Retail layer.

More detailed landuse layers

The expanded Retail layer showing retail locations in Exeter.

New Schools Layer

We have removed the Education layer and replaced it with a new Schools layer which displays school and college buildings and grounds.

New schools layer

The new Schools layer showing schools and colleges within Exeter

New Cycle Parking Layer

We added a new Cycle Parking layer to the Active Travel group. The Car Parks layer within the Land Use group no longer includes cycle parking.

New Cycle Parking layer

The new Cycle Parking layer showing cycle parking spots within Exeter.

20th January 2021 Carina

Traveline Regions Overlay

A new overlay has been added featuring the boundaries of Traveline public transport regions in Great Britain.

Traveline Regions

Bug Fixes

We have removed buttons on the project page where data does not exist for the corresponding linked page

Fixed an issue on the routes page where directional arrows for banned links would persist after the link was unbanned

Frequency chart text overlay colours should now match their corresponding feature on the map.

We have trimmed osm networks to ensure that there are no floating links on the edge of the network that are connected to only one node

Behind the scenes

We have made some preparations for a major update relating to Cadence. We look forward to sharing details in the near future

17th December 2020 Theta

Improvements to chart colours

Each page has a selection of charts to allow you to explore the data on display. Typically, the colours of features on the map would correspond to those used in the charts. In certain areas, the row charts would show misleading colours. This has now been improved to clarify the relationship between the map and charts.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where isobands on the Routes page would display the wrong tooltip value

Fixed an issue where OSM/transit markers could show up as different colours whilst navigating the site

Fixed an issue where certain fonts would not display correctly

Behind the scenes

We have made some backend changes to improve performance on the Routes page