What’s New

20th October 2020 Delta

Improvements to search bar

We have made some tweaks to how the search bar works to make it more user-friendly. The current search result now stays selected until the search bar is closed.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where isochrones on the Routes page weren't recalculated in some circumstances.

Fixed a layout bug that occured on smaller screens.

Behind the scenes

Further improvements to the upcoming Transit page, including adding public transport routing.

Improvements to how tiles are loaded for our OSM-based networks.

7th October 2020 Harvest

Search places and points of interest

Previously searching was limited to the network. Now you can search for locations anywhere in Great Britain. The results are prioritised so those closest to the selected network are displayed first. This helps when trying to understand the network in context or when using the Routes page to block links or add housing at specific locations. Search returns results for points of interest; city, town and street names; and zones, nodes, links and turns on a network.

Search example

Search for Paris Street, Exeter circled in yellow

Behind the scenes

The map on the Routes page has been migrated to the newer codebase as part of our ongoing work to make our front-end more compact and efficient.

Cadence OSM networks including exeter-osm, exmouth-osm and birmingham-osm now use our server to source network data instead of using files stored in the Cadence Repo section (accessed via the Dashboard).

23rd September 2020 Heart of Gold

Behind the scenes

In this sprint we have been hard at work making behind-the-scenes changes in preparation for some exciting new features.

We look forward to revealing these features (including larger networks and public transport) soon!

9th September 2020 Ohio

Improvements to OSM models

File downloads for OSM models have been reduced in size to improve network loading time.

Links and nodes now have unique IDs.

Some cycle paths were appearing in the road network, and some footpaths in the cycle network. These have now been removed.

Some links in the OSM models were missing the nodes at one end. These have been added.

Bug Fixes

The credit for some of the data sources in the map layers were missing. They have now been added.

The Cycleways layer now contains the same paths as those used to create the mesh density layer.