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  Bob Merrison-Hort 4be8e1e7a9 Merge branch 'fix/cadence-2338-reorganise-overlay-groups' into 'master' 1 week ago
  James Lewis 4fa57dbfd1 Reorganise overlay groups 3 weeks ago
  Jamie Ridley db817cb2ad Change output key to solution 4 weeks ago
  Jamie Ridley ce673a6bb0 Fix whitespace in stats-config.json 4 weeks ago
  Bob Merrison-Hort af6df3bbf5 Merge branch 'feature/transport-1123-add-NTEM-time-periods-and-purposes' into 'master' 3 months ago
  James Lewis 23df9aee30 Add NTEM trip purposes and time periods to stats-config 3 months ago
  Ed Campbell 8b7442027a Merge branch 'feature/add-gis-geometry' into 'master' 4 months ago
  Jamie Ridley f0708a8990 Add GIS file and update stats-config 4 months ago
  Ed Campbell 34adb8010a Merge branch 'feature/add-ucname' into 'master' 5 months ago
  Ed Campbell 2551670c48 Move userclass name from stats config to dat 5 months ago
  Bob Merrison-Hort be9107d653 Merge branch 'feature/migrate-json-from-cadence-cached-data-dir' into 'master' 7 months ago
  Ed Campbell 35316eab72 Remove unused output_comparison property 7 months ago
  Bob Merrison-Hort 43ff7b81e6 Remove cached network and output JSON 7 months ago
  Bob Merrison-Hort 3f6db165c7 Remove default demand and network files 7 months ago
  Ed Campbell e3c31d3d17 Add rules.json file to exmouth 7 months ago
  Ed Campbell 9fa9bfcc0f Add map project specific overlays to exmouth 7 months ago
  Ed Campbell d2814c43d3 Add audit.json file containing audit results 7 months ago
  Ed Campbell 6466aafd4d Add readme 7 months ago
  Bob Merrison-Hort 59f42f991c Merge branch 'fix/use-the-right-dat-files-for-x3-and-x5' into 'master' 7 months ago
  James Lewis 53d1970253 Use correct dat files for x3 and x5 variants 7 months ago
  Steve Day 4263f16dc8 Merge branch 'refactor-config/remove-default-flag' into 'master' 1 year ago
  Alex Dawn d3a443d476 Remove Default Flag 1 year ago
  Robert Byrne 8b894dfdbb Revert "Use api for network.json for testing" 1 year ago
  Robert Byrne 13149f2150 Use api for network.json for testing 1 year ago
  Steve Day ebac5fc23b Merge branch 'feature/sector-system' 2 years ago
  Alex Dawn 1038eb6a86 Add sectoring system to shp file 2 years ago
  Bob Merrison-Hort 4574215785 Add stats-config.json 2 years ago
  Steve Day fed0910513 Fix typo in included counts dat filename 2 years ago
  Steve Day 5c581f7572 Merge branch 'hotfix/synthetic-count-includes' into 'master' 2 years ago
  Bob Merrison-Hort 4fb2b43d71 Separate count data into different $INCLUDE files 2 years ago
  Steve Day 16a1d515b0 Merge branch 'feature/add-count-data' into 'master' 2 years ago
  Alex Dawn a54e9ff058 Add synthetic count data to test dat-stats 2 years ago
  Robert Byrne 5719b0df3a Originals 2 years ago