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  Bob Merrison-Hort 2b1f8bb6af Merge branch 'feature/remove-exmouth-mesh-density' into 'master' 1 month ago
  Robert Byrne 6ae1304ccf Remove Exmouth-specific cycling mesh density layer 1 month ago
  Ed Campbell cabb9d92ff Merge branch 'feature/cadence-2408-update-description' into 'master' 1 month ago
  David Fraser 504fae62af Update Exmouth description for consistency 1 month ago
  Robert Byrne 10546d5566 Merge branch 'feature/remove-accidents-cyclepaths' into 'master' 2 months ago
  Jamie Ridley 47c91f0058 Remove Exmouth specific Cyclepath layer 2 months ago
  Jamie Ridley b0159b9792 Remove Exmouth specific accident layer 2 months ago
  Bob Merrison-Hort 4be8e1e7a9 Merge branch 'fix/cadence-2338-reorganise-overlay-groups' into 'master' 3 months ago
  James Lewis 4fa57dbfd1 Reorganise overlay groups 3 months ago
  Jamie Ridley db817cb2ad Change output key to solution 3 months ago
  Jamie Ridley ce673a6bb0 Fix whitespace in stats-config.json 3 months ago
  Bob Merrison-Hort af6df3bbf5 Merge branch 'feature/transport-1123-add-NTEM-time-periods-and-purposes' into 'master' 6 months ago
  James Lewis 23df9aee30 Add NTEM trip purposes and time periods to stats-config 6 months ago
  Ed Campbell 8b7442027a Merge branch 'feature/add-gis-geometry' into 'master' 7 months ago
  Jamie Ridley f0708a8990 Add GIS file and update stats-config 7 months ago
  Ed Campbell 34adb8010a Merge branch 'feature/add-ucname' into 'master' 7 months ago
  Ed Campbell 2551670c48 Move userclass name from stats config to dat 7 months ago
  Bob Merrison-Hort be9107d653 Merge branch 'feature/migrate-json-from-cadence-cached-data-dir' into 'master' 9 months ago
  Ed Campbell 35316eab72 Remove unused output_comparison property 10 months ago
  Bob Merrison-Hort 43ff7b81e6 Remove cached network and output JSON 10 months ago
  Bob Merrison-Hort 3f6db165c7 Remove default demand and network files 10 months ago
  Ed Campbell e3c31d3d17 Add rules.json file to exmouth 10 months ago
  Ed Campbell 9fa9bfcc0f Add map project specific overlays to exmouth 10 months ago
  Ed Campbell d2814c43d3 Add audit.json file containing audit results 10 months ago
  Ed Campbell 6466aafd4d Add readme 9 months ago
  Bob Merrison-Hort 59f42f991c Merge branch 'fix/use-the-right-dat-files-for-x3-and-x5' into 'master' 10 months ago
  James Lewis 53d1970253 Use correct dat files for x3 and x5 variants 10 months ago
  Steve Day 4263f16dc8 Merge branch 'refactor-config/remove-default-flag' into 'master' 2 years ago
  Alex Dawn d3a443d476 Remove Default Flag 2 years ago
  Robert Byrne 8b894dfdbb Revert "Use api for network.json for testing" 2 years ago
  Robert Byrne 13149f2150 Use api for network.json for testing 2 years ago
  Steve Day ebac5fc23b Merge branch 'feature/sector-system' 2 years ago
  Alex Dawn 1038eb6a86 Add sectoring system to shp file 2 years ago
  Bob Merrison-Hort 4574215785 Add stats-config.json 2 years ago
  Steve Day fed0910513 Fix typo in included counts dat filename 2 years ago
  Steve Day 5c581f7572 Merge branch 'hotfix/synthetic-count-includes' into 'master' 2 years ago
  Bob Merrison-Hort 4fb2b43d71 Separate count data into different $INCLUDE files 2 years ago
  Steve Day 16a1d515b0 Merge branch 'feature/add-count-data' into 'master' 2 years ago
  Alex Dawn a54e9ff058 Add synthetic count data to test dat-stats 2 years ago
  Robert Byrne 5719b0df3a Originals 2 years ago