Help Videos


This page contains a collection of help videos and resources, to help you get to grips with our app and the features it offers. Things are a little sparse right now, but we're expanding this collection as we speak and hope to have some more videos and content available in the coming weeks.

If you have any issues or suggestions for things you'd particularly like us to cover please contact us at


Our app allows you to upload your data files, and visualise your network and simulation outputs with ease. The platform also provides convenient access to your input data, alongside powerful version control tools that allow you to keep track of changes over time.



The network page shows your network file on a map, and offers a variety of ways to drill down into it by junction and link characteristics. You can also select individual junctions and explore them in more detail. All of these properties are cross referenced to the original source, so you can see where they came from.

How to: view network properties

How to: view network nodes


The output page shows the contents of your solution file. You can view link properties such as flows through an intuitive heat map, and compare turn properties such as Gap across the junctions.

How to: view output nodes and links

How to: view output routes